Sometimes the most unfortunate circumstances can transform into unexpected beauty. Kenzi’s Causes is a testament to that.

Dolls for Daughters® was founded by Jessica Bachus after her daughter, Kenzi was stillborn at 24 weeks. Overcome with grief, Jessica felt compelled to channel her emotions into something that would honor Kenzi’s memory. With this deep and noble calling, Dolls for Daughters® was born. Jessica and her family began providing dolls to young girls during the holiday season who would otherwise go without.


It was in her own grief that she stabilized the hearts of others. Over a decade later, Jessica’s heartbreak led to a breakthrough that would change the trajectory of struggling families in the Colorado area forever.


They strengthen the lives of low-income families in Colorado.

They accept responsibility in assisting six families per year through our Kenzi’s Kidz Program.

They provide items to 15,000+ children through our Toy Shops Programs per year.

They supply over 3,000 students with stocked backpacks through our Packz 4 Kidz Program per year.

They partner with companies, organizations and donors that support our mission to help children in need.

They believe there’s no such thing as too small to make an impact and we promise to always honor that.

Putting a smile on the faces of low-income children in Colorado. Because it Matters.


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